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              Kunshan midstar dyestuff Chem. Co., Ltd.
              Intermediates and auxiliaries
              No. Name C.I. Melting point Dosage Uses Order
              1 Whitener PF Brightener 135 182-188℃ 0.03-0.05% plastic, high grade paper Order
              2 Whitener OB Brightener 184 196-203℃ 0.0001-0.05% plastic, ink, paint, coating Order
              3 Whitener ER Brightener 199 229-231℃ 0.1-0.4% (polyester ) polyester, plastic Order
              4 Whitener EB Brightener 199:1 / / polyester, plastic Order
              5 Whitener CBS Brightener 351 / / fiber, Cotton cloth, synthetic detergent powder Order
              6 Whitener KCB Brightener 367 210-212℃ 0.01-0.03% fiber, plastic, dye, Natural lacquer, EVA Sports shoes Order
              7 Whitener KSN Brightener 368 275-280℃ 0.01-0.03% fiber, plastic, dye, Natural lacquer, EVA Sports shoes Order
              8 Whitener 127 (FP) Brightener 378 216-222℃ 0.0001-0.05% especially suitable for PVC, PE Order
              9 Whitener OB-1 Brightener 393 315-353℃ 0.0025-0.025% Polyester fiber, other plastic Order
              No. Product name Molecular weight Melting point and appearance Packing Order
              1 Photoinitiator TPO 348 87-93℃ light yellow Crystalline powder 20KG/fiber drum Order
              2 Photoinitiator 907 279.4 72-76℃ white Crystalline powder 25KG/fiber drum Order
              3 Photoinitiator 184 204.3 46-50℃ white Crystalline powder 25KG/fiber drum Order
              4 Photoinitiator 1173 164.2 4℃ colorless or slight yellow liquid 25KG/plastic drum Order
              5 Photoinitiator ITX 241 57-72℃ yellow Crystalline powder 25KG/fiber drum Order
              6 Photoinitiator EDAB 193 62-64℃ white powder 25KG/fiber drum Order
              7 Photoinitiator BMS 304 75-85℃ Silvery white flaky Crystal 20KG/fiber drum Order
              8 Photoinitiator BMPS 393 143-147℃ white Crystalline powder 20KG/fiber drum Order
              9 Photoinitiator 651 256.3 64-67℃ white to light yellow powder 25KG/fiber drum Order
              10 Photoinitiator EHA colorless or slight yellow Transparent liquid 25KG/fiber drum Order
              11 Photoinitiator MB white flaky solid 25KG/fiber drum Order
              12 Photoinitiator B 49-51℃ white flaky solid (Diphenyl ketone) 25KG/fiber drum Order
              No. Product name Performance and application Packing Origin Order
              1 Diffusion powder EBS 25KG/bag Malaysia Order
              2 Diffusion powder EBFF 15KG/bag Japan Kao Order
              3 Diffusion powder PE520 25KG/bag Clariant Order
              4 Diffusion oil RB 18KG/drum Japan Order
              5 Diffusion oil DB Performance is better than RB 50KG/drum Bayer Order
              6 Diffusant MS-2H bright lubricant for the dispersion of Color masterbatch 25KG/bag China Order
              7 Diffusant MS-2HX special dispersant for color blending 25KG/bag China Order
              8 Diffusant MS-3H/3G lubricant for PVC cable material 25KG/bag China Order
              9 Diffusant MDS High temperature dispersant 25KG/bag China Order
              Product name Order
              White Carbon Black M-5 Order
              Grace matting powder Order
              Hyperdispersant Order
              Antioxidants Order
              Antistatic agent Order
              UV absorbent Order