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              Kunshan midstar dyestuff Chem. Co., Ltd.
                  Halogen-free toner
              No. Product name Chroma and Features Grade of heat resistance Color code
              1 Pigment yellow 4GO green phase, good resistance to sunlight 5
              2 Pigment yellow 3RT Brilliant red phase yellow , good resistance to heat and sunlight 5
              3 Pigment yellow HFG medium yellow 5
              4 Pigment yellow 2GLM Brilliant yellow (inorganic) 5
              5 Pigment orange MOR Brilliant orange to red phase orange 3
              6 Pigment red 3RT yellow phase red, Transparent 4-5
              7 Pigment red 5RT Blue phase red 4-5
              8 Pigment red L4B dark Blue phase red 3
              9 Pigment red ATY Brilliant red, high-end Pigment, Transparent 5
              10 Pigment red PSK dark red, good Heat resistance, Transparent 5
              11 Pigment red AHE Blue phase red 4-5
              12 Pigment violet AGV Blue phase red violet 5
              13 Pigment red AGP pink 5
              14 Pigment Blue 3RN red light Blue, good Weather resistance 5
              15 Pigment Blue GBF green light Blue 5
              16 Pigment Blue NKG red light Blue 5
              17 Pigment violet SMC (P.V.3:4) 4-5
              18 Carbon black 800 medium pigment Carbon black 5