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              Kunshan midstar dyestuff Chem. Co., Ltd.

              Product name T.C.B(2,2'-5.5'-Tetrachlorobenzidine)
              Chemical name 2,2'-5.5'-Tetrachlorobenzidine
              Structural formula
              CAS NO. 15721-02-5
              EC NO. 239-815-3
              Molecular formula C12H10N2Cl4
              Molecular weight 324
              Properties White to greyish white crystal powder .It dissolves in ethylalcohol ,acid and in organic solvent.
              Appearance white to greyish white powder
              Purity ≥98%min
              Use pigment intermediates
              Package packed in 50kg paper board .bucked,it also can be parked in big (450×740).according to the requirement of the customers.

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