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              Kunshan midstar dyestuff Chem. Co., Ltd.
              About us

              Founded in Kunshan Economic and Technological Development zone in 1997, Kunshan Midstar Dyestuff Chemical CO.,Ltd is a specialized manufacturing and trade company of special purposed dyes, Pigments, colorants and auxiliaries. With two associated enterprises, we now mainly produce hundreds kinds of products, including solvent dyes, Organic pigments, Nano pigment pastes, special dyes and auxiliaries. Besides meeting the demands of Chinese market, our products are also well sold in Europe, the United States, Japan, southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc. Moreover, we are the agent of famous chemical enterprises, and we have more than 1,000 customers by now.

              Taking “being pragmatic and enterprising, aiming to be outstanding” as tenet, we use advanced inspection instruments to ensure the stability of product quality. With years of experience, we have been working hard to high cost-saving products and excellent coloring service solutions for rubber & plastic industry, ink coating industry, chemical industry, leather industry, application material industry,   pesticide industry and oil industry, etc.

              Established in 2014, Shanghai Youxiang International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized import and export company of chemical products, and our businesses now are involving in several industries such as plastic, coating, electronics, printing and pharmaceuticals, etc. Under the supports of Nantong Longxiang, Suzhou Baoli, Gaoyou Auxiliary Factory and Kunshan Zhongxing, we have built a series of advantageous products, including dye series, Pigment series, color masterbatch series, ink series and intermediate series, etc. Through providing the best services for these industries, we work hard to create the biggest values to our customers!

              Spirit of enterprise: be an honest  man, sincere work, visionary, active & pragmatic, progressive, pioneering and innovative.
              Enterprise tenet: to provide the world with the first-class low-carbon & environment-friendly coloring agent, to make the world more colorful.
              Enterprise mission: to create maximum values for customers, employees and shareholders.
              Corporate vision: work hard to become the world's leading  Pigment provider.
              Business philosophy: customer's demand as center, providing high cost-saving products and high quality service.
              Corporate values: be human-oriented, Harmony is precious; sincere cooperation and common development.